Game Review: Papa Pear Saga

Papa Pear Saga is made and owned by, the same makers as Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. For the platforms, it is available on Android, Google Store, IOS, and Facebook.


Papa Pear starts with shooting and bouncing the “pears” into the targets (or buckets). After stages, more challenges will appear and change the target of each game. There are five lives for each player, if the player loses the game they would lose a heart as well. Each heart requires 25 minute to regenerate.


Generally, the game is straightforward and fun (Although it can be frustrating sometimes). It is not hard to get stuck in a level for a loong time yet the game gets easier after the player leaves the game for a long time. The visual is adorable and colorful with catchy background music. Similar with Candy Crush Saga, there are a lot of different themes for players to get through and compare with friends on Facebook.


Although the game is fairly good and popular, it can be down sometimes and automatically get shut down (this does not happen frequently). Mostly, the problems occur when the fruits get stuck and start fading or moving weirdly, which can lead to an endless game.


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