Twine vs. JS and Mole game

For the previous assignment, my partners and me made an interactive story on Twine and edited the “wack a mole” game on J.S.

So we did the story first from brainstorming ideas based on our experience and lesson from a activity we have done (The main lesson we have is that there is always things we can learn from the others). We decided to make the problem into solving a bomb code, and started off from that.



Readers have choices in each page in order to move on. If they keep going, they will see the code:



If the readers know how to solve it, then they can try it, however, if they do not, they would call help from their friend.


At the end, the computer friend in the story solve the bomb successfully. From this, they learn their lesson :p

After the interactive story, we worked on the mole game which is on J.S. Different from Twine, J.S. is much more complex. In Twine, we only needed to enter text in and add pages, similar to powerpoint. In J.S., things are more complicated that everything is in different places and codes. However, J.S. can do more on animation and colors while Twine cannot. Twine can only do text.

Mole Game (click here)

Story (click here)


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