Stone Librande

Today during our computer stimulation class, Stone Librande gave an inspiring lecture to us about the gaming industry. What was really surprising was that most of the games he made were based on some board games he made for his family and friends. From cutting foam boards and mini figures, a fun game can be made and then add up to become a video game. This is what I remember from his speech:

Make a board game, play it with friends and family. No one should be checking their phone, etc, because the game is suppose to hold everyone together, which is awesome.


Board games, diagrams, and pictures can clearly show people about a game even easier then a pile of instruction papers. Being a board game lover, I really want to try this as well. librande03-maze-660x440

Another part of the lecture that was very interesting was that every single game is made by a grand team of people including artists, designers, programmers, etc. Some projects can be done within six months while some require three years or over. Edit, change, edit, change. I was really inspired by the buildings the artists drew for the Springfield since I love architecture and art. It was amazing.

I really appreciate that Stone Librande came today, letting me to understand how making a game is not only about programming but all kinds of aspect.

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