Final Project Proposal


So my prototyping is about a rocket. As expected, the main goal is to go as far as you can.

So the players will have the choices of going right or left. Speed will be constant unless they get the bonus energy which speeds them up. There are two kinds of things that appears in the space: the rocks (bad) and the stars(good)

Each rock is -50 points and you crash when you hit it. Game over.

Each star is 150 points and you speed up when you get the energy color white, which is made by all red, green, and blue stars. (color theory



Throughout the game, players can learn about the color theory. For example, the “energy bar” becomes cyan when the player get blue and green stars in a row.



This idea was originally from my little craft in the Exploratorium. photo1

This game is similar with the game “Gamma Bros”

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